In 2010,  the World NET Community Steering Committee proclaimed November 10 as Worldwide Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Day. Since then, the recognition has expanded beyond a single day, and November is now observed by many in the NET community as Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Month. We applaud this effort wholeheartedly as while it remains rare, Neuroendocrine Cancer has become more widespread¹ in recent years.

NET Cancer Day RibbonAs a molecular diagnostics company founded with the goal of bringing an mRNA-based neuroendocrine cancer test to market, NETs, and NET patients have always been central to our mission. In fact, it was a quest to find a better way to know whether a NET was entirely removed after surgery that led our founder, Dr. Irvin Modlin, to develop a liquid biopsy diagnostic highly sensitive to NET tumor activity:  the NETest®. 

So, it is with this focus and passion that we join the international NET community in acknowledging the month of November as Neuroendocrine Cancer Month. To bring awareness to Neuroendocrine Cancer during November, the team at Wren Laboratories will share educational information about NETs and NET patients on our social media feeds: LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Facebook, and Instagram. Information we share will include: 

  • History of NET Diagnosis and Care
  • NET Patient stories
  • Characteristics and Symptoms of Different NETs
  • Neuroendocrine Cancer Advocacy Information

At Wren Laboratories, we are proud to join the NET community in fostering a better understanding of the disease and its symptoms. All in the hope that it can be identified sooner in those impacted so treatment can begin swiftly and be monitored accurately. If you would like to learn more or share information about NET cancer, here are some links from some of the groups and foundations that can provide this information:

¹Epidemiology, Incidence, and Prevalence of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: Are There Global Differences? Current Oncology Reports March 14, 2021