At Wren, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge machine learning and liquid biopsy-RNA-based in-vitro diagnostics. Our focus is on detecting minimal residual disease, predicting and monitoring therapeutic responses, and providing precise prognostic insights for cancer patients.

Meet the team

Executive Leadership & Management

Dr. Abdel Halim, PharmD, Ph.D


Troy Tremaine, MBA


Dr. Mark Kidd, Ph.D

Scientific and Laboratory Director

Dr. Eva Szarek, Ph.D

Head of Marketing

Dr. Srinivas Koduru, Ph.D

Director, Transcriptomics 

Melissa Ferone, MHS

Director, Quality Assurance

Tracy Auster

Laboratory Manager

Nicole Kaiser, MBA

Director, Market Development

Rachelle Murphy

Director, Market Development

Tom Cugno


Jennifer Downer

Human Resources