Accelerating Biomarker Development

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At Wren Laboratories, we understand the wide gap between Pharma and diagnostic industries and the underperformance of CRO labs. Building on the novelty of our assays, we strive to provide best-in-class lab services to enhance the probability of success in drug development. Our tailored services support various applications, including drug discovery, bioanalytical testing, genomic analysis, and molecular diagnostics.

We provide end-to-end support for drug development with advanced mRNA technology and comprehensive expertise. 

Wren Laboratories Team

Comprehensive drug development support

Proprietary machine learning mRNA technology

Data interpretation with networking and functional enrichment analyses

Model training, validation, and testing

Biomarker and target discovery

Clinical and regulatory trial design support

Experienced team and flexible workflows

High throughput multiplex technologies

Your Journey Partner

From Discovery to Clinical Success: We’re with You

Clinical Assays

mRNA diagnostics for cancer detection. 

Discovery Assay and Pipeline

Innovative research and development for future diagnostic solutions.

Customized Solutions

Tailored diagnostic services to meet unique client needs.

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Supporting Global Clinical Studies

With experience working with 70+ investigators at 45 top institutions across 16 countries, Wren Laboratories supports global clinical studies. Our proprietary RNA stabilizer preserves samples for up to 10 days at ambient temperature, ensuring stability worldwide. Our deep understanding of clinical trial and diagnostic regulations adds exceptional value to trial sponsors and CROs.

Supporting Real-World Evidence

Wren Laboratories provides robust support for Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies, helping to generate valuable insights from real-world data. Our comprehensive approach ensures the integration of high-quality data and advanced analytical methods to enhance the understanding and application of RWE in clinical practice.

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Why Wren Laboratories

Comprehensive Assay Development and Testing

Advanced Liquid Biopsy Services

mRNA Services

Expertise and Support

Blood and Saliva Collection Tubes

Diagnostic Platform Support

The Gold Standard in Diagnostic Accuracy and Reliability

Unleash the Power of Precision: Why Choose mRNA?

Unmatched Accuracy

mRNA technology provides superior precision and reliability in diagnostic testing.

Validated by Experts

Endorsed by the National Cancer Institute and numerous peer-reviewed studies.

Decades of Experience

Our extensive experience confirms mRNA’s exceptional sensitivity and specificity.

Gold Standard

Recognized as the leading method for disease detection and monitoring.

Robust Evidence

Supported by strong scientific research and real-world application.

Clinical Assays

Advanced tests for accurate disease diagnosis and monitoring

Wren Laboratories utilizes advanced mRNA technology to develop clinical assays that provide precise and reliable diagnostic results. By teaching the body to produce specific proteins, these assays enable accurate disease diagnosis and monitoring, enhancing patient care and treatment outcomes.


doctor working with blood sample in a lab

Discovery Assays and Pipeline

Innovative research and development for future diagnostic solutions

At Wren Laboratories, innovative research drives the development of future diagnostic solutions. Our discovery assays harness mRNA technology to explore and create groundbreaking diagnostic tests, ensuring a robust pipeline for the future. Here are four ways we help:

Cutting-Edge Research

Collaborative Innovation

Comprehensive Validation

Future-Ready Pipeline

Customized Solutions

Tailored diagnostic services to meet unique client needs

Wren Laboratories offers customized diagnostic solutions, leveraging mRNA technology to create tailored assays that address the specific requirements of our clients. Our personalized approach ensures that each diagnostic service is optimized for accuracy and effectiveness.

We specialize in developing diagnostic assays using both blood and saliva samples, providing versatile and non-invasive testing options. This focus on diverse sample types enhances our ability to deliver precise diagnostics, catering to various clinical needs and improving patient outcomes. Our commitment to customization ensures optimal diagnostic performance and reliability for each client.

Female phlebotomist collecting blood sample from male patient