Unlock Deeper Cancer Understanding Through Molecular Diagnostics

Using non-invasive liquid biopsy diagnostics to detect mRNA cancer biomarkers, analyze them with AI-enabled bioanalytics, and provide oncologists with precise diagnostic and treatment information.

Harnessing research for advanced diagnostics

Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnostics with Advanced mRNA Technology


Our machine learning liquid biopsy multiplex mRNA expression diagnostic tests are revolutionizing cancer patient care and clinical trials. Conducted under a robust quality management system in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and NYSDOH-licensed lab, our IVDs are clinically validated as diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive biomarkers, detecting minimal residual disease in neuroendocrine and prostate cancers. Be it blood or saliva, our molecular cancer tests provide actionable disease diagnostics in real-time


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Our clinical assays, with binary readouts, are ideal candidates for companion or complementary diagnostics. Their value extends beyond oncology clinical trials; recently, the FDA accepted our NETest as a predictor for tumorigenesis in a diabetic drug trial. Wren’s innovative pipeline includes assays for colorectal, lung, breast, pancreas, multiple myeloma, and melanoma diagnostics, as well as theranostic applications predicting responses to radioligand therapies.

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Accurate diagnosis and monitoring of prostate cancer. With a sensitivity of 93%, specificity of 91%, and overall accuracy of 92%, PROSTest delivers precise and reliable prostate cancer diagnostics.

Pipeline Tests

Through the development of multiple gene signatures and biomathematical algorithms, we possess the ability to characterize a wide range of cancers, including breast, lung, colon, and others.


Early detection and monitoring of Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs). Delivers 94% sensitivity, 95% specificity, and 94% accuracy for reliable neuroendocrine tumor diagnostics.


A companion diagnostic to the NETest, the PRRT Predictive Quotient (PPQ). Delivers 95% sensitivity, 90% specificity, and 93% accuracy for reliable neuroendocrine tumor diagnostics, with consistent performance 

Pioneering Precision Diagnostics for a Healthier Future

Advanced diagnostics with machine learning and liquid biopsy-RNA

we are dedicated to advancing diagnostic technologies through cutting-edge mRNA testing. Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with accurate, reliable, and innovative diagnostic tools that improve patient outcomes. Discover the power of mRNA in revolutionizing diagnostic testing and learn about our three specialized tests designed to meet diverse medical needs.

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A Brief History

mRNA Technology in Medical Diagnostics

mRNA Technology: Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnostics Since the 1990s

The use of mRNA technology in diagnostics began in the 1990s, focusing on its ability to reflect real-time gene expression profiles. Early applications emerged in the 2000s with microarray technology, which allowed the analysis of thousands of mRNA transcripts simultaneously. This was particularly successful in cancer diagnostics, where mRNA profiles helped classify tumors and predict outcomes.

Next-Gen Sequencing: Enhancing mRNA Diagnostics for Precision Medicine

Advancements in next-generation sequencing (NGS) in the 2010s further enhanced the accuracy of mRNA-based diagnostics, enabling precise detection of minimal residual disease and early diagnosis of various conditions. Today, mRNA diagnostics play a crucial role in personalized medicine, offering non-invasive tools for disease detection and management, and have been pivotal in the development of COVID-19 diagnostics and vaccines.

About Wren 

From History to Innovation: Pioneering mRNA Science to Revolutionize Medicine for Patients

Pioneering Liquid Biopsy

Inspired by Sir Christopher Wren, one of the first to draw blood from human veins, two decades ago, Wren has foreseen whole blood as alternative option to  invasive tumor biopsy in the development of IVDs for cancer patient.

The Power of mRNA

While DNA and protein diagnostics are common, we specialize in mRNA. Positioned between DNA and proteins, mRNA in whole blood provides a real-time picture of tumor activity. Our novel preservative ensures stable and reliable testing.

Our Mission at Wren

We deliver innovative machine learning, liquid biopsy-RNA-based in-vitro diagnostics, for the detection of minimal residual disease and prediction  of cancer prognosis and response to therapeutics.  

Our Science

At Wren Laboratories, we are harnessing mRNA technology to develop advanced diagnostics for cancer detection improving early detection, monitoring of minimal residual disease (MRD), and personalized treatment strategies.

Liquid Biopsy Diagnostics

Providing enhanced efficiency, high accuracy, and a minimally invasive approach, our liquid biopsy diagnostics precisely characterize the tumor source of circulating mRNAs.

mRNA Expression

Through the use of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) methodology, we detect and analyze cancer-associated mRNA transcripts

The Wren Algorithm Suite

Our MultiAnalyte Algorithm Analytic (MAAA) approach increases the sensitivity and specificity of gene assays, resulting in improved tumor characterization.

Our CAP- and CLIA-certified Lab

Our clinical laboratory and accredited lab technologists ensure tests and analyses comply with precision specifications and meet regulatory requirements.

Our Mission

Delivering Innovative mRNA Diagnostics for Cancer Detection and Prognosis

At Wren, we deliver Innovative machine learning, liquid biopsy-RNA-based in-vitro diagnostics, for the detection of minimal residual disease and prediction of cancer prognosis and response to therapeutics.

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