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NETest Peer-Reviewed Research

A collection of over 10 years of global peer-reviewed research on topics related to our NET diagnostics that detect neuroendocrine tumors, illuminate treatment options, and help monitor therapy.

Why the NETest?

Questions about the NETest answered with clinical or peer-reviewed research.

How can the NETest help me in the management of NET disease?

How does the NETest compare to other biomarkers?

How the NETest determines the success of surgery and identifies residual disease?

Can the NETest identify if my disease is progressing?

Can the NETest tell me if my somatostatin analogues are effective?

Can the NETest predict if PRRT will be effective?

Is PRRT working?

PRRT neuroendocrine tumor response monitored using circulating transcript analysis: the NETest.

Bodei L, Kidd MS, Singh A, van der Zwan WA, Severi S, Drozdov IA, Malczewska A, Baum RP, Kwekkeboom DJ, Paganelli G, Krenning EP, Modlin IM. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2020 Apr;47(4):895-906.

Are there independent validation studies?

The development and history of the NETest

Peer-Reviewed Research

A variety of resources, including peer review research, presentations, and infographics about Wren Laboratories and the liquid biopsy tests we currently offer as well as diagnostics that are in development.

NETest expanded to China

NETest expanded to China

In entering into a distribution agreement with Kindstar Globalgene Technology (Beijing, China), Wren Laboratories has expanded the global availability of our molecular neuroendocrine cancer diagnostic, the NETest. This partnership will double NETest utilization in 2024, providing oncologists for 300,000 NET cancer patients in China the ability to better understand their patient's tumor status and monitor therapy progression.

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