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NETest® Testing Process

NETest is a novel test that uses a blood sample to help doctors manage the care of neuroendocrine tumor patients. When used together with standard clinical assessment, the NETest can help inform your doctor of your tumor disease activity risk at the time of your blood draw.

NETest has been commercially available since 2014.

How it Works:

  1. Obtain a requisition from your physician and get your blood sample drawn at your local laboratory.
  2. The blood sample with the requisition form is sent via overnight courier to the clinical laboratory at Wren Laboratories, Branford, Connecticut.
  3. The laboratory performs all testing necessary to generate a NETest result – a process that typically takes two full days.
  4. Once the NETest result is produced and verified, it is sent to your doctor.
  5. Your doctor interprets the NETest result in conjunction with other clinical assessments.
  6. Your doctor notifies you of the results.

Customers are thrilled with the results we have achieved.

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