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Comprehensive and Cutting-Edge Diagnostics Across Multiple Cancer Types

Wren Laboratories is at the forefront of diagnostic innovation, offering a robust pipeline of advanced tests for various cancers, including prostate, melanoma, colorectal, and myeloma. Our portfolio features FDA-cleared and lab-developed tests, leveraging state-of-the-art mRNA technology to deliver highly accurate and non-invasive solutions. With a focus on sensitivity, selectivity, and personalized treatment, Wren Laboratories empowers clinicians with reliable tools for early detection, monitoring, and treatment planning, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

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Summary of Available Diagnostics and Development Pipeline

Wren Laboratories offers a comprehensive pipeline of diagnostic tests across various stages of development, including FDA-cleared, lab-developed, research-use-only, and investigational-use-only categories.

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Strategy & Pipeline

Our Scientific Strategy
and Forward Focus

Our scientific strategy involves identifying a series of gene signatures that enable us to categorize the state of a disease, primarily cancer at this stage. This information can be utilized for timely disease recurrence identification or to assess the effectiveness of therapy.

A key component of the strategy is the development of specific biomathematical algorithms to identify gene-signaling clusters that provide unique information regarding different types of tumor cell proliferation and metastatic potential.

This strategy has facilitated the first identification of circulating neuroendocrine and other tumor cell mRNAs as well as defined the specific transcript signatures of the cells that identify disease undetectable by the current standard of care methodology. These can also be used to delineate the rate of growth, the likelihood of metastasis, and sensitivity to specific targeted therapy.

Beyond neuroendocrine cancer, our scientists have utilized this approach to identify blood-based biomarkers for prostate cancer (with our PROSTest), for predicting tumor response to alternate radiation-based therapies (PPQ for Peptide Receptor Radionuclide therapy for NETs ) as well as utilizing a saliva-based PCR test to identify the virus behind Covid-19.

We are currently developing diagnostics for several other solid tumors, including Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Myeloma, and Pancreatic Cancer.  In addition, we are developing tests for non-cancerous diseases such as endometriosis.