Future-focused biomarker solutions

Innovative Research and Development for Future Biomarker Solutions

At Wren Laboratories, we are dedicated to advancing the field of biomarkers and companion diagnostics through innovative research and development. Our focus on discovery assays and a robust pipeline ensures the creation of future diagnostic solutions, powered by mRNA, that will transform patient care and therapeutic strategies. In addition to our preset diagnostic assays for prostate cancer (the PROSTest) and neuroendocrine tumors (NET) (the NETest), we offer customizable assays of these tailored to meet your specific research and clinical needs, providing unparalleled accuracy and precision in disease detection and monitoring.

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Advanced assays with comprehensive support

Our Discovery Assay and Pipeline Services

High Sensitivity and Specificity

Utilizing advanced mRNA technology, our assays offer unparalleled sensitivity and specificity. This precision ensures reliable detection and monitoring of disease biomarkers, enhancing the development of targeted therapies and improving patient outcomes.

Custom Assay Development

We collaborate with our pharmaceutical partners to develop custom assays tailored to specific research needs. Each assay is meticulously designed for accuracy and reliability, supporting successful assay development for clinical trials.

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Advanced Data Analysis

Our cutting-edge data analysis capabilities deliver in-depth insights into biomarker expression and disease mechanisms. This critical information helps identify potential therapeutic targets and understand disease biology.

Regulatory Support

We provide extensive validation and regulatory support to ensure our assays meet the highest compliance standards. Our services facilitate smooth regulatory approval processes, accelerating the path to market.

MRD and Disease Monitoring

Our discovery assays enable detailed monitoring of disease progression and treatment response. We help optimize clinical decision-making and personalize treatment plans.

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Why Choose Wren Laboratories?

Expertise in mRNA Technology

 Advanced mRNA technology ensures highly accurate and reliable assay results.

Customized Client Services

 Customized services meet specific client needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

Rigorous validation and regulatory support ensure industry standards compliance.

Comprehensive Support

End-to-end solutions from assay development to clinical trial support and data analysis.

The Power of Customization

Tailored Diagnostic Assays with mRNA Technology

mRNA, or messenger RNA, conveys genetic information from DNA to the cell’s protein synthesis machinery, playing a crucial role in gene expression. Leveraging mRNA’s capabilities, our customized diagnostic assays provide highly precise and personalized solutions for disease detection and monitoring.

    The Importance of Custom Diagnostic Assays

    • Personalized Precision: Ensures accurate biomarker detection.
    • Advanced mRNA Technology: Exceptional sensitivity and specificity.
    • Real-Time Insights: Real-time cellular activity snapshots.
    • Enhanced Detection: Improved biomarker detection with mRNA.
    • Superior Methodology: More accurate than cfDNA and CTCs.
    • Ideal for Clinical Trials: Perfect for liquid biopsies and targeted therapy.
    • In-Depth Analysis: Unmatched insights from specific cell mRNA.
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    By combining the power of mRNA with the precision of customized diagnostic assays, we ensure the delivery of highly reliable and personalized diagnostic solutions, transforming patient care and therapeutic outcomes.