mRNA diagnostics for cancer and detection

Tailored Diagnostic Solutions for Pharmaceutical Development

At Wren Laboratories, we specialize in developing bespoke assays to support pharmaceutical companies in their quest for innovative treatments. Our expertise in mRNA technology and advanced diagnostics allows us to create highly sensitive and selective assays that cater to the unique needs of each client.

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mRNA diagnostics for cancer and detection

Tailored Diagnostic Solutions for Pharmaceutical Development

Custom Assay Design and Development

We collaborate closely with our pharmaceutical partners to design and develop custom assays that meet specific research and clinical requirements. Our team of experts ensures that each assay is optimized for accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability.

Validation and Regulatory Support

Our comprehensive validation services ensure that your assays meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance. We provide thorough documentation and support throughout the regulatory submission process to facilitate approval and market entry.

Biomarker Discovery and Analysis

Leveraging our cutting-edge mRNA technology, we assist in the discovery and analysis of biomarkers that can predict disease progression, treatment response, and patient outcomes. Our biomarker assays are designed to provide actionable insights that drive therapeutic innovation.

Clinical Trial Support

We offer robust support for clinical trials, including assay development, validation, and implementation. Our services are tailored to enhance trial efficiency, improve data quality, and ensure accurate monitoring of patient responses.

High-Throughput Screening

Our high-throughput screening capabilities enable rapid and efficient evaluation of large sample volumes. This service is ideal for identifying potential drug candidates and biomarkers, accelerating the drug development process.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We provide comprehensive data analysis and reporting services, delivering clear and actionable results that support your research and development goals. Our reports are designed to facilitate informed decision-making and strategic planning.

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Why Choose Wren Laboratories?

Expertise in mRNA Technology

 Advanced mRNA technology ensures highly accurate and reliable assay results.

Customized Client Services

 Customized services meet specific client needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

Rigorous validation and regulatory support ensure industry standards compliance.

Comprehensive Support

End-to-end solutions from assay development to clinical trial support and data analysis.

The Power of mRNA

Revolutionizing Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring

mRNA, or messenger RNA, conveys genetic information from DNA to the cell’s protein synthesis machinery, playing a key role in gene expression. This makes mRNA invaluable for diagnostics, biomarker discovery, and patient monitoring.

    The Advantages of mRNA in Diagnostics

    • Provides a real-time snapshot of cellular activity
    • Each cell produces thousands of mRNA molecules
    • Enhances the detection of biomarkers
    • Superior to methods like cfDNA and circulating tumor cells (CTCs)
    • Ideal for liquid biopsies and clinical trials
    • Advanced technology enriches and analyzes mRNA from specific cell types
    • Offers insights unmatched by other methods
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