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Pipeline and Technology

Our scientific strategy is the development of a series of gene signatures that identify the disease state of the cancer – the level of progression – and provide information that can be used both for a timely identification of disease recurrence or determining the efficacy of therapy. A key component of the strategy is the development of specific biomathematical algorithms to identify clusters of genes that provide unique information regarding tumor cell proliferation and metastatic potential. These strategies have facilitated the first identification of circulating neuroendocrine and other tumor cells as well as defined the specific transcript signatures of the cells that identify disease undetectable by current standard of care methodology. These can also be used to delineate the rate of growth, the likelihood of metastasis and sensitivity to specific targeted therapy.
Wren Diagnostics

Radiation-based Therapies

Wren has developed the first multianalyte LDT that can function as a companion diagnostic for radiation-based therapies. In a prospective study, this molecular-based blood test could predict the efficacy of treatment responses to peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT). PRRT has received European and US (FDA) approval as a therapy for GEP-NETs.
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